Custom Fog led lights

Depending on the part of the world where you live, all vehicles need fog lights for better visibility. Fog is usually common in the temperate regions which experience winter. The fog lights are meant to illuminate the low lying areas especially during heavy fog. Most of the cars automatically come up with the fog light when they come out from the factory. Normally, the fog lights are installed in the front bumper. However, if you want some more coverage from the fog light, you can always purchase additional set of them. They are also installed at the rear end of a car but they are optional. They are mostly used to indicate the cars coming behind that the visibility is not clear ahead. But you should take extra care before switching on the rear fog lights accidentally as the cars coming behind may stop suddenly and it may cause an accident.

Fog lights create much wider, but at the same time shorter beam of light. It means that your field of vision is now lower to the ground, but a lot broader. Fog lights also cut back the glare in the process. Fog lights even do a better job illuminating the corners when you're turning thanks to the wider beam of light. The fog bulbs of purplish color are also in great use these days as these are very bright too. The color of the fog light plays an important role as different color lights have different capacity to penetrate the fog. Conventionally fog lights color is yellow because it is the only color which posseses the longest wavelength among all visible lights. Yellow color fog lighting reduces dispersion, the light hits and scatters the water vapor. Most fog lamps are spherical in shape and contain simple components.

They not only provide greater visibility but also give your automobile a new look. There are various shapes of fog lights, and you can actually instruct the manufacturers to make them in the shape that you want. You can also go with your car to the manufacturers and have them suited so that it looks superb. You should consider the design and style of your car too before purchasing a set of lights of certain design and color.

However, it's not necessary to get your car to the bodyshop to achieve precise fog light fitment. Most modern manufacturers, such as Lumen, Anzo, Spyder, and many others, design fog lights that fit particular car and truck models like a glove. These fog lights come ready to be installed. And thanks to the Internet era and online stores, you can get them without even leaving your home. Just to give an example, check out the website of , large online automotive parts retailer. Enter your vehicle's make, model and year, select the product, add it to card, complete the order, and it's done - your item will be delivered right to your door. Take a look at . It is designed for late Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep models, and come preassembled and all ready for work. Plus, they use powerful LED bulbs, that are less energy-consuming and less durable, than traditional bulbs. In fact, their lifespan is as much as 30,000 hours or more.

o need to stick to conventional fod lights. These lights are available in the automotive aftermarket in a number of styles. Just check out these ! Halos can be wired to come on whenever ignition key is turned on and function as DRLs, making your vehicle more visible for safer driving day and night. As you can see, such small modification, as aftermarket fog lights can change the way your vehicle looks and make driving more safe.

Halo projector Fog led lights

万和城It's easy for you to upgrade your fog lights into more luminous HID fog lights. Aftermarket manufacturers provide car users with a huge selection of custom HID light bulbs, each of which is vehicle specific. LED bulbs are also increasingly used in this kind of auto lights. As fog lights are chiefly designed for cosmetic purpose in those countries where these lights are not required, LED lighting source is the optimum decoration for them. LED shines brightly, consumes little power and lasts long. These advantages have spread its popularity with car users.