H6024 Xenon Hid Kit

High Intensity Discharge lights (HID) have a lot of features to become the top-seller. Made from the finest materials, they are tested to provide excellent performance. Xenon bulbs are water and vibration resistant. They come in various color temperatures. To upgrade the exterior of your vehicle and to increase its resale value, choose H6024 headlights.

H6024 are sealed-beam headlights with new clear white headlight lenses. Available with H4 bulb, these lights will help you see further down the road than you ever did. The crystal clear front lens makes your vehicle look superb. H6024 lights are designed with diamond cut reflectors that accentuate the external appearance. Manufactured to replace your stock sealed-beam headlights, H6024 increase road visibility. Giving a larger amount of illumination than the halogen lights do, these HID lights are excellent light sources when weather is nasty.

H6024  Xenon Hid Kit

These H6024 lights are designed to improve your night driving vision up to 70% compared to your factory installed headlights. Made of heat resistant high impact plastic, they last three times longer than standard halogen lamps. If the bulb ever burns out, you need to change only the bulb but not to buy the whole lamp again. Easy installation requires no modifications. You are also free to choose the best color temperature that suits your taste.